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Formula 1 Icon Contest
Welcome to F1 Challenge!

Every week we will post four to six pictures of anything F1 related. You may submit up to five icons. However, each image can only be used once and, unless stated in the rules of a challenge, you can only use the images we have provided. Other than that you can do whatever you want with the images we provide! (animate them, add text, change the colours, etc.)

We may also come up with a different challenge from the standard picture challenge. In this case we will (clearly) state the rules in the challenge post.

We always welcome your suggestions for challenges!

To submit your icons for a challenge simply post them as a reply/comment to the challenge post. All of the comments are screened to ensure that nobody knows who made which icons. Please make sure you don't post your icons anywhere else as long as the competition is running! After that feel free to share them with whoever you desire!

As this is a LiveJournal community the icons must fit within LJ standards for user icons:
100x100 px max, 40kB max, and .jpg, .png or .gif formats
Any icons falling outside of this will, unfortunatly, have to be discounted from the competition.

Please save your icon on a server that allows directlinking. Photobucket.com is a good place to use.

Also, please post both IMG and URL versions of your icon(s).



If you have made a mistake or wish to change your entries, please delete your comment and post a new one with all correct icons.

If you see an icon in this community that you really like and would like to use, then contact the creator and ask for permission to use it. Just because the icons have been posted here in the community it doesn't mean that they're up for public use. Providing credit is not the same as having permission to use the icon!

Absolutely no bashing of drivers! Not with signs or words. This community is all-drivers/team friendly and we'd like it to stay that way. We respect everyone's favorite drivers/teams, but this is not the place to voice your negative opinions about someone. Please keep the icons nice and clean. Thank you.

Vote for your three favourites in order. Also, please vote for the icon that you think has the best colouring. Don't vote for yourself - if you do your vote will be disqualified! All of the votes are screened so that no one can see who voted for which icons.

We have a simple timetable in order to help everyone know what is going on with the challenges and voting. Please note that the maintainers of this community live in Europe and all times are posted within the challenge posts in GMT.

Saturday: New challenge is posted
Saturday - (the next) Saturday Evening: Submit icon(s)
Saturday Night: Voting is posted
Saturday Night - Monday Evening: Voting
Monday Night: Results posted

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ. If your question isn't answered, post your question in a comment.

If you'd prefer to ask the maintainer directly, please email me (marie1985 (at) gmail.com) (m_h/Marie)! Thanks!

Your mods are:
m_h (maintainer)

Thank you, previously, to:
morgentau (founder), sandrine & tinini

f1icons (show your icons there when challenges are finished)

This community was inspired by gg_challenge.